Tropical Atlantic Variability Meeting
PIRATA-17 Meeting

10th-14th September 2012, Kiel, Germany

More than 10 years ago the need for a focused observational and modeling effort in the tropical Atlantic to advance the predictability of climate variability in the surrounding region and to provide a basis for assessment and improvement of coupled models was recognized. The scientific foundation of such an effort was developed in the Tropical Atlantic Climate Experiment (TACE) white paper by Fritz Schott and co-authors in 2003. The TACE implementation workshop in February 2005 held in Miami marked the starting point of a truly international research program under the auspices of CLIVAR, which was planned for a five year period from 2006-2011. TACE with its backbone, the PIRATA moored station program, was closely linked to other initiatives in the tropical Atlantic like the French EGEE program and the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA). The 2012 Tropical Atlantic Variability Meeting that will be held jointly with the PIRATA-17 Meeting in Kiel, Germany in September will focus on the advances in observing, simulating, understanding and predicting Tropical Atlantic Variability. It will be organized around 5 themes:
1) Climate Variability and Change in the Tropical Atlantic
2) Tropical Atlantic Teleconnections
3) Predictability, Coupled and Uncoupled Model Biases
4) Oceanic and Atmospheric Processes Affecting Climate Variability
5) Physical-Biogeochemical Interaction

It is planned to publish a TACE special issue that includes observational and modeling studies highlighting the progress in tropical Atlantic climate research achieved during the TACE period. More details about the conference will follow.

Equatorial SST (Richter & Xie, 2008)

TACE Observational Network